Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Track Your Blackberry Addiction!

A couple of years ago on Palm I used an app called AK AppLog which would tell me how long I spent in each application, and overall on my Treo. It was pretty useful in helping decide when it was time to delete an unused application.
Fast forward to today, and we throw the word "addiction' around without any real data to support it. Well, all that has changed with the new free application called "I Love Blackberry".


This useful freeware tracks your usage over time and you can see the amount of time you've spent on your Blackberry. What makes me excited about this application is that it will give a more valid way for us to calculate battery life, so that we can finally see some proof from all the people who claim to use the Blackberry "all the time" but still manage to get 3 full days on a single charge!

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