Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting My Touch On

My new habit of watching movies on my Bold during my lunch break finally reached a critical point- my eyes have started really bugging me peering into my screen. Its ok to watch periodically, but try doing it every day for the better part of an hour and its downright headache-inducing. Its bad enough the size of the screen is small, but with most movies in widescreen format, you lose an additional chunk on the screen to the black bars.
I had an Archos 605 wifi until last fall, and debated getting another but I found the 605 too bulky to commit as a daily device, and the newer versions too pricey. I looked on eBay and noticed that the first gen ipod touch had gone down significantly in price, and when I spotted one for $130 I couldn't help but snap it right up. Yes, I've done my share of Apple trash-talking, but my new resolution is to put my money where my mouth is. Apple is the only mobile OS that I haven't tried, so I'm looking forward to the new experiences it will bring.
I should be getting it next week, and in the meantime I've been using Videopara iPod converter to get my movies into the appropriate format.

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