Monday, April 13, 2009

Bold, Battery, and Life

The biggest battery sucker on my Bold was watching video on it- assigning that function to my iPod Touch has tremendously improved the life of my battery. Today with moderately heavy use my battery is at 73% after over 13 hours off the charger. I've been connected to Beejive IM, Wifi connected, a large number of texts and SocialScope constantly connected.
Yesterday was the first day that I could really appreciate the need for a battery that can keep on ticking. Seth tripped and ended up hitting his head squarely on the corner of our brick fireplace. There was a lot of bleeding, screaming and confusion as we all got into the car and headed to the emergency room. Now this happened at 7 in the evening after my battery had already gotten me through the whole day. While at the ER, I kept our family and friends updated on his progress as we waited for about 4 hours to be seen, and then had a CT and then stitches. We didn't leave get back home until well after midnight and I was pleasantly surprised to still have about 20% of battery left.
Seth is thankfully all better now (actually, about 5 minutes after it happened he was back to hopping around again!), but this incident taught me a lot about the importance of having a reliable means of communication even when you don't have time to pack a bunch of spare batteries. It also taught me that Target stocks a foam corner protector that adheres quite solidly to the corners of our fireplace!
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