Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Price of Being an Early Adopter

I know I'm not the only one who is irritated by the iPhone commercials that claim certain things are "only on the iPhone", I mean, I was using Vindigo to find restaurants near me waaaaay before the first gen iPod was a glimmer in Apple's eye. But its not just Apple; remember when the Razr came out, and everyone (read: non-techies) were acting like Bluetooth had just been discovered?
This Andy Rooney-esque rant was brought on by the recent media hype surrounding Twitter. To hear Meredith Viera on the Today show going on about how she "Twatted" (seriously, Mer?) is about the last straw for me. The first significant project I used Twitter for was early 2007 to track our progress as we drove from New Jersey to Texas when we moved. But even then I knew that I wasn't the 'first' to use the service by a long shot.
When it comes to all things tech, I don't like to have what the masses do. One of the things I enjoyed a lot about my time with the Ubiquio 503G was that I never encountered another person who had the same phone. No matter how jazzed up an iPhone is, I can always spot it a mile away. The Bold is on the fence- I see a number of Blackberrys in the wild, but I haven't seen another Bold...yet.
It seems that there are several penalties you pay as an early adopter:
1. If its a paid item, you pay the highest price.
2. Most people have no idea what you're talking about when you try to explain your new gadget, software or service. However....
3. Once everyone else catches on, the vast majority act like its a brand new discovery. Annoying!

So what annoys you the most about being an early/earlier adopter?

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