Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Morning Observations

Today is my day off, and I'm trying hard not to be bitter about spending the morning in the doctor's office with Dean, whose sore throat is now so bad that he can barely swallow. I'm trying not to be bitter because on Saturday when he had suffered from this for the first two days I expressly recommended going to see a doctor. But, like asking for directions, men do not typically like to do this until all else has failed and they are literally in the middle of nowhere.
I was at first surprised by the number of people in the waiting room- this being a recession and all, I assumed that people would be dragging themselves into work no matter what to avoid even the impression that their offices could function without them. But I noticed that people were taking and making calls like no one's business. I guess being sick these days only means a change in location, and not that the hustle takes a break. I also noticed a lot of signs that referred to smaller, lesser known health insurance plans which may be as a result of purchasing insurance during times of unemployment.

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