Friday, March 20, 2009

Letters from the Cleav


Daylight Savings Time....

Did anyone else have an issue with the time change for daylight savings last night? I was counting on my cell phone to do that time change automatically at 2am last night when it was supposed to…but it did it sometime between the hours of 8pm-11pm while I was re-watching Lost season 1 on DVD and I wouldn't have noticed an hour disappearing during that, (since when I watch Lost I've been told I get lost on a desert island myself). So when I went to bed my cell phone clock was already ahead one hour and I didn't know it..but I kinda suspected it because it was an hour ahead of my alarm clock already...BUT because I'm constantly abusing my alarm clock when it goes off and accidentally press buttons all the time when I snooze repeatedly, I thought there was a possibility that my alarm clock was wrong also. So I made my alarm clock an hour ahead of my cell phone and would see in the morning if they matched up...(keep in mind that this means I unknowingly turned my alarm clock 2 hours ahead for daylight savings) then when my alarm goes off this morning and the clocks don't match, I was too delirious from having weird dreams about being late for work due to the questionable times to really investigate this so of course I just snoozed it and went back to sleep. Then when I woke up at 6:45am (supposedly) I looked outside and it looked too bright...and I thought that we would have darker mornings I got a little suspicious that it was actually 7:45am and I would be an hour late for work…but I jumped in the shower and thought I would figure it out when I got out. Since I still haven't turned on my cable I couldn't check on the tv so I turned on the radio, but the only station I get is Z100 and they were in the middle of a never-ending phone-tap so I just continued getting ready, with a steadily growing knot in my stomach since there was a good possibility I was supposed to be at work right then. So I left my apartment, still confused, went outside and walked to the train, staring at people as they walked by, looking for any hint of familiarity in their faces to see if I usually see them in the morning…but of course that was a stupid plan because I normally don't look at anyone I pass because I hate everyone in the morning, specifically fellow-commuters. Now I'm starting to get really anxious to get on the train and see the digital clock they have in the train where they list the stops... now knowing my typical mass transit stories, I wouldn't be able to see the time for some list of reasons...but I did...and it was 7:57am...I thought "phew, what a relief, I'm running late, but only the normal 10 minutes, not 1 hour and 10 minutes" - then I find a seat, close my eyes, and begin hating the guy next to me for hitting me with his briefcase.

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