Monday, March 16, 2009

The Art of Mobile Web-Browsing

Browsing the web on a small screen is not fun- not even on the iPhone which admittedly is one of the better experiences out there. No matter how much flicking and scrolling you can do, it never matches the convenience of a nice, spacious overview that also happens to be legible.
Back when I had a Treo 600 on GPRS speed I developed a great list of wap sites that I could browse and get a dose of info that was light on scripts and high on entertainment- in fact I spent most of my time back then on the TreoCentral mobile site. I also discovered The Onion and BBSpot through their mobile versions.
Its a habit that has served me well- the last 2+ years on Windows Mobile has been a better experience than most since I have never actually tried to load a full version of a website on Pocket Internet Explorer (ouch!). Over the years I've become adept at spotting forum links to wap sites and spotting mobile-friendly sites. I don't need to view the same sites on my phone that I can read on my desktop- I need short bursts of info with text heavy, image light composition.
Try to compile a list of mobile sites to digest on your phone, rather than browsing full sites, and you'll find it a much more enjoyable experience. And one that you're likely to do more often!

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