Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Windows Mobile to Blackberry: Applications

I had such a sense of deja-vu as I prepared to write this entry and finally figured out why. On March 22, 2006 I wrote the exact same entry but detailing my transition from Palm to Windows Mobile. So far I've only moved a few of my most critical apps, and I am in the trial period of most of them for now:

- (Lists) ListPro -->For now I am using SplashShopper, but it is far from ideal. Any recommendations are welcome!

-(Passwords) eWallet --> eWallet is available for Blackberry. Seamless syncing from the desktop version

- (Medical Dictionary) PocketLingo --> Mobile Systems MSDict is available for Blackberry

- (Banking) SpbFinance --> SplashMoney :Worked great importing my QIF files from SpbFinance.

-(TV Guide) Handmark TVGuide--> Handmark TV Guide

-(eBooks) MobiPocket--> Mobipocket: as an added bonus, when I switched my microSD card into the Bold, I could read all my created non-licensed books directly from the card without needing to make any adjustments. Purchased books I just re-downloaded OTA from the Mobipocket ebook store.

-(Lady Calendar) Beiks Woman Calendar--> MobiSystems Woman Mobile . Be aware that the trial is only 3 days long so you'll need to make a decision pretty quick!

-(RSS Reader) Egress --> FreeRange RSS . After years of lugging around my entire catalogue of RSS feeds and never-ending updates, I've happily selected my most read top 10 and read the rest via Google reader on my PC or in the mobile browser is necessary.

-(Podcasts) BeyondPod --> Podtrapper. I'm still in the trial of this one. Its hard to part with the $10 for something you've been getting for free *sob*

-(Instant Messaging) Palringo --> Instango. Palringo had me based on 2 features: the ability to see in real time the visitors to my page (via AIM Wimzi) and Facebook chat. However, I love Instango for its flexibility and happily sacrifice those two features.

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