Monday, February 2, 2009

One of RIM’s BlackBerry data servers is down, causing sporadic outages

And suddenly this applies to me. *sigh*


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via MobileCrunch by Greg Kumparak on 2/2/09

No matter who you are, which carrier you're on, or which hardware you carry: network outages can find you. More at 11.

Sorry - us cellphone bloggers don't often get the chance to fearmonger, so I had to pounce on the opportunity. Word on the street is that RIM's having a bit of an issue with one of their servers. If you're one of the lucky bunch that happens to have their data routed through this box, things might be a bit off until they give the box a swift kick and get things chuggin' along again. As the problem appears to be on RIM's end, issues are not limited to any specific carrier or hardware - it's all luck of the draw today, folks.

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