Thursday, February 12, 2009

Newbie Tips & Tweaks for the Bold

Over the past few days I've had tons of really great info on getting the most out of my Bold:
- Go into the phone, use the menu to access settings. Disable dial from today screen. Doing that allows you to use many key shortcuts (e.g. Pressing 'm' opens messages, 't' opens tasks). To dial a contact you just need to press the phone key once and then begin typing a name.
-Use a theme that has a calendar view on the homescreen. And, if you plan on using a weather icon, be sure to pick one that shows you the name of the app you have highlighted.
-create subfolders to keep things tidy on the launcher. Click on the icon and toggle left or right to see various icons you can use on your folder.
-whenever possible keep the icons that show message indicators in the first few positions so you don't have to hunt around for them ( this is easier done when you do it conjunction with the key shortcuts)
-use TinyTwitter instead of Twitterberry. Navigation is much better, it uses shortcuts, and no random notifications (technically, no notifications at all)
-Map one of the side convenience keys to the clock. Not ideal, but at least you can pop the clock over anything you're doing to see the time.
-While in the browser, type 'U' to toggle fullscreen mode and get more screen realestate.
-Use status messages on BB messenger to give your contacts an idea of good and bad times to message you.

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