Friday, February 20, 2009

Making time for Me

It seems like lately there's never enough time to do all the things that I want to do. The weeks go by at warp speed and I can barely keep up. One of the things that constantly get put on the back burner is my TV habit. There are a number of shows that I watch that my husband isn't that crazy about (most of them are on MTV!) and I just can't find the time to catch them on my TiVo before they need to get deleted to make room for other shows.
Since I started my new job in November one of my vows to myself was to actually take a lunch break every day. With my evenings dedicated to the family, its the only time of the day that's truly mine to do whatever I want. I've taken to spending my lunch break in my car listening to podcasts or music, readin a book, taking a nap, whatever.
I suddenly remembered that I have Tivo Desktop to Go and decided to make the most out of our Tivo 2 in the bedroom. I've set up auto-transfer and convert for all the shows I never have time to watch, then throw them on my Memory card using the Bold's mass media function. The quality is fantastic, and its great to be able to watch a show without constant interruptions. Yes, even such fine high-brow shows as The City.

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