Saturday, February 28, 2009

Double Fisting....Devices, of course!

After almost a month on the Blackberry Bold, I have been quite happy with almost every aspect of its performance. One thing that I can no longer deny is that my average weekday usage is asking a lot of a single device- spending my lunch hour watching movies is singlehandedly the biggest battery-burner. I've also been less than impressed with the codecs that the Bold can handle directly. And the podcasting app I found, PodTrapper, is a paid service and its still got more kinks than the free BeyondPod for Windows Mobile.

I've decided to hand over the multimedia requirements of my day over to my Fuze. I did a hard reset, installed Coreplayer and BeyondPod, and I'm going to use it to watch my shows and podcasts during the day. I really can't let go of my Fuze and Coreplayer has been a champ with playing just about anything that you can throw at it. And because BeyondPod can automatically turn on my WiFi to update my feeds on a schedule, I won't have to worry about not having a sim or service on it.

The added bonus of this is that my Blackberry can definitely last me an entire day without needing a top-off. Perfect.

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