Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day One with the Blackberry Bold

Let me start by saying "Wow". This Bold is really giving my Fuze a run for the money- and I say that as one of the biggest Windows Mobile fangirls you will probably ever meet. I came into this with an overwhelming curiosity about this device that I've heard so much about for the past 8 months, and for the most part it has definitely lived up to the hype.

Likes and Loves
In no particular order, here are the things that I've been really enjoying on the Bold;

1. The screen is stunning.
2. Battery life is fantastic-first Nokia, now Blackberry. Please, please Windows Mobile, ask these people how they are making their operating system not chew through the battery!
3. Keyboard- typing is really great on the Bold.
4. Notifications- So far I've been impressed with how just about every installed registers itself to allow you to configure the notifications of your choice.
5. 3.5mm headset jack
6. Unified mailbox- I really thought I'd hate this but there's something very simplistic about getting all your messages in one box.
7. Bedside mode- brilliant idea
8. Applications- remember when I was looking for Flickr, Facebook etc apps? Well, I guess this is where they are. I'm really suprised at the apps that are available- I've always had the impression that 3rd party apps for Blackberry were pretty non-existent. Here are some of the things I have installed so far:

MobiPocket (Free eBook Reader)
Mobipocket on Blackberry Bold

TwitterBerry (Free Twitter Client)
TwitterBerry on Blackberry

Slacker Radio (Free Streaming Radio)
Slacker Radio on Blackberry

Blackberry Cool/ Viigo (RSS reader)
Viigo RSS Reader on Blackberry Bold

9. The trackball- although scrolling on a really long page can get annoying, I just like the level of control the trackball allows.
10. Workarounds- So there's no plugin to show weather on the Homescreen? No worries, weatherbug will show an icon with the current weather condition and the temp when rolled over. Beejive doesn't have a plugin, but there is an indicator on the icon to show that its connected. Neat!

Homescreen on Blackberry Bold

1. Memory- the application memory (which is the equivalent of the program memory on Windows Mobile) drops pretty consistently to single digits and I can only seem to reclaim the memory by pulling out the battery.
2. Blackberry Desktop- mainly because the Roxio media manager keeps freezing on me.
3. Turn off- this is more of a mystery than a dislike- every time I try to power off the Bold it seems to just go into a snooze mode. Beejive is still connected.
4. Blackberry Messenger- there's something a little 'stalkerish' about this to me. I don't like the fact that the sender of the message knows the exact moment I read it and how long it takes me to reply. Its also yet another walled garden- most of my friends don't use Blackberry so there's a limit to how useful this is to me.

Tomorrow will be my second full day on it, and we'll see how I feel with it in the office.

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