Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bold OS Updates

Here's the thing with updating the OS on the Blackberry Bold- its so darned easy! I started out planning a simple update from to (which I did yesterday) and ended up going to a leaked ROM today. So far it seems very stable and even has the visual voicemail icon installed, although I use YouMail and therefore have no need for that.

This time around with the Bold seems to be going infinitely better. I got a lot of great tips during my first round, and they have really helped me get a much better experience. Small things like disabling dialing from the homescreen (which makes almost every letter a shortcut by default), to changing to a plazmic theme which allows calendar items to show up in the homescreen are huge!

My next project is to find corresponding Blackberry apps for my invaluable Windows Mobile ones. I'll keep you posted!

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