Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Battery Blues

Now that I've returned to my Fuze, I'm forced to face the one thing that drives me nuts- poor battery life. It goes beyond just poor; my battery shut down on my after a mere 6 hours of pretty moderate use. Sure I was running Beejive, ceTwit and Push email while periodically actively using the phone, but that is pretty horrendous. I have a total of 3 batteries but I finally broke down and bought an extended one off eBay. At 2500mAh its definitely going to have that hump, but at nearly double the capacity of the stock battery I'm hoping to get at least through the day on a single charge. This is when I miss the Blackberry Bold- that battery meter barely budged after hours of use!
Some have suggested that perhaps buying batteries from questionable retailers in China may be the cause of the less than stellar results I'm experiencing. I doubt it- remember, I spent a pretty penny on an extended battery from HP when I had the iPaq 910 and even that could barely get me through the day!
I'll keep you posted on the power situation when the new battery arrives.

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