Monday, February 9, 2009

Back on the Berry

On Saturday I noticed that I had to swap the battery on my Fuze out 3 times. Yes, you heard that right- 3 times. And each time I put in a fresh battery I had to soft reset once or twice because it would take a very long time to restart, convincing me that it wouldn't reload on its own. Long story short- I had had it.
I pulled out the Bold again and determined that I would really make an effort to try and make it work for me. First thing I did was to find a theme that would let me see my calendar entries right on the homescreen. Next was to swap out Twitterberry (whose navigation I really didn't enjoy) and replace it with TinyTwitter (I didn't even know they had a blackberry app!).
I mapped one of my convenience keys to the clock so that I could pop a clock over whatever I am doing pretty easily. I also ordered a black replacement bezel to replace the chrome border of the bold.
Let's see how round 2 goes!
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