Thursday, January 15, 2009

Twitter gets "Damaged"

Early last year I talked about what I thought was the most innovative use of Twitter, 140novel which was a novel been written by CNet's Molly Wood 140 words at a time. Since then there have been a lot of feeds that I've seen for movies and shows, but really nothing too earth-shatteringly interesting. There were the annoying ones like Skins which would pounce on any mention of Gossip Girl and tweet things like "If you like Gossip Girl, you'll love Skins! Thursday nights on BBCAmerica" (which, by the way, I did not love).
Today I saw something that has become my new favorite Tweeter- if you watch the show Damages on FX, you are familiar with the characters Ellen and Patty. Some brilliant person has created accounts and tweets in the voice of their characters, even when responding to others:


Its a fun and interactive way to keep the vibe of the show going, and it isn't yet another blatant marketing attempt. Bravo!

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