Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sign of a True Geek

I had an extremely gratifying moment over the weekend and it involved my Fuze (of course!) and an app called Water Level . I'm always happy to find new ways to get that "wow" reaction from my husband, who could just as easily use an abacus than a calculator (only a slight exagerration- I dragged him kicking and screaming onto Facebook). After taking our Christmas tree down we were putting a painting back up on the wall and couldnt tell if it was straight. Before he could decide to go into the garage to get his tools, I whipped out my Fuze, fired up Water Level and placed my phone on the painting and casually declared "Its straight."
The look on his face made my year. Thank you Fuze, for another Kodak moment!

Sent from my HTC FUZE™

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