Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Silent Workhorse

If there's one gadget of mine that I can truly say is under-acknowledged, its my Zune 8GB. I really hated my first gen Zune which was really an unattractive, chunky mess but I just couldn't bring myself to commit to iTunes and get an iPod. Then in late 07 I happened to watch a GeekBrief where Cali showed the new Zune without an ounce of derision (Cali is a notorious Apple fangirl) and decided to get myself one. I can't remember the last gadget I had that has gone for over a year holding the same spot in my heart. There are so many things that just make sense with the Zune:
1. Wireless syncing. I have a speaker dock in the kitchen and while its in there it automatically syncs with my desktop upstairs so in the morning I have the latest episodes of all my favorite podcasts.
2. Clock. This came with an update a few months ago so now I can see the time on my Zune. This means that (were I the jogging type) I could go jogging and not even have to wear a watch!
3. Size. My Zune isn't tiny in the sense of making it awkward to hold. Its just narrow and thin enough that it could fit into the front of a shirt pocket easily. It rests on the car mount for my Fuze even though its much smaller. Anything smaller would be knocking around and falling out of the holder.
4.Games! Simply the most brilliant idea. Nothing too sophisticated, but just enough to occupy a moment or two.

Its an investment I'm glad I made, and if you're looking for a hassle-free music player that doesn't require you to mess with files and folders, then this may just be up your alley!
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