Saturday, December 6, 2008

Windows Mobile Barcode Scanner

A few years ago a barcode scanner application popped up for the Treo 650. It was a fairly basic program that allowed you to use the camera of the Treo 650 to photograph barcodes and would copy the code to a clipboard. But that was where it ended, and I always wished it could do more like help me scan and organize all my CDs, or something like that.

Now there's a similar app for Windows Mobile called Barcorama and it takes a slightly different approach. With Barcorama you take a photo of a barcode and the app will open your web browser (Opera, PIE, Skyfire- you choose) and do a price comparison on any website of your choice (Google is the default.

Here I've snapped the barcode of my PC World magazine:


And then Barcorama routes the capture code into the site of my choice (I use PriceGrabber. Look here for instructions on how to use it):


This is such a great program for the holidays- you can use it for comparison shopping or you can whip it out at the company Xmas party and see who went over the limit on the gift exchange!

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