Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Top Picks for 2008

Last year I posted my Top picks for 2007 which included some gems like Chumby, Centro, and Asus eee PC. This year I've got a whole new list! Here, in no particular order are the top 10 items that have grabbed my attention in 2008:

1.HTC Touch Pro

For the first time in a long time, Windows Mobile users can agree on what the top of the line device is. It may not be for everyone, but just the fact that its bringing VGA to the masses on every carrier (except TMobile) is huge.

2.Blackberry Bold

After possibly the longest wait ever, the Bold brought the fire back to Blackberry with its hi-res screen and updated UI. (Sadly, the Storm proceeded to extinguish that flame)

3.Yo Gabba Gabba

A really great kids show with messages that appeal to all ages. Singing "Don't Do Mean things to Friends" immediately gets my 14 month old to act nicely. Thanks DJ Lance!

4.HP Touchsmart

Say goodbye to the refrigerator dry-erase board, and hello to the coolest way to lure your family into the kitchen.

5.Wii Fit

I haven't seen people so excited to get in shape since spandex came out! Its good to see a game that encourages us to get off our butts.

6.Roku Netflix box

Finally, a gadget that makes Netflix even easier to access.


Redefining the concept of a database, Evernote can hold everything you come in contact with on the web, and in your life.

8.Macbook Air

Price and features aside, I have to admit to joining the masses in a collective gasp when that inter-office opened to reveal it inside.

9.Slacker G2

A music player that can finally take you out of the walls of 'your' music. Conceivably this player could introduce your Sinatra-loving grandparents to the likes of Michael Buble.

10.Polaroid Pogo

After the Brother MPrint turned out to be a bit of a high-priced dud, its good to see that Polaroid took the baton and came up with a winner. Its inexpensive, squarely targeted at every teen's locker and fun.

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