Saturday, November 29, 2008

UBiQUiO 503G Leaked Final ROM

It seems like every day I get an email asking me about the 3.10 ROM for the Ubiquio 503G. So, for those of you who need it, it is located right HERE. I have no idea how long it will remain up, and I didn't put it up there so please don't send me a ton of emails asking about it. It is assumed you have some knowledge about flashing a new ROM to your Ubiquio, and if you don't then you probably shouldn't be doing it or you will most likely brick your phone.
This ROM addresses the following issues that were still unsolved by the previous version 3.05:

1. Voice dial can be activated by pressing the BT headset button

2. Auto answer feature when the BT headset is connected has now been added

3. Removed function that WIFI will turn automatically by push mail where there is no GPRS available

4. Default input indication to "abc" in idle and call screens

5. 4GB SD card support as well as all the SD card fixes are included

6. Optimised WIFI power management

7. Camera Settings can be saved except environment & effect options

8. Fixed some radio bugs for Europe

9. "LED setting of new email doesn't take effect in sound & Notificaitons" fixed

10. Fixed the problem of deep sleep issue. This is a bug present in all 503Gs but very few have noticed it. With your current rom, it can be replicated as follows:

a. Enable sms sent notification

b. send an sms and as soon as you press sent press the power button to put the phone to sleep.

c. wait until you hear a beep and try to bring the phone out of sleep by pressing the power button. You will notice that the phone will not waik up unless you keep the power pressed for 5-6 seconds.

This bug also affects the ability to use repeading alarms programs such as phone alarm.

Good luck to all, and I hope this helps you get more enjoyment out of your device! And remember, I don't use the Ubiquio 503G anymore so please, don't look to me for technical suppport :)

Here's a video of it I did early this summer:

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