Saturday, November 1, 2008

Podcasts-Why MobilityToday Rocks, and others, Not so Much

Let me start by saying that I generally keep things on a positive tone here at Mobigasmic, especially when it comes to other sites that are doing the same thing I am- writing about things we're passionate about. However, I have to rant about the podcasts over at
I have several podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis such as CNet's Buzz Out Loud, The Cell Phone Junkie, Modaco, WMExperts and of course, my all-time favorite, Mobility Today.

To understand why I love Mobility Today, you have to know a little bit about the way my mind works: I love to laugh. So if something has me rolling in hysterics, I am extremely unlikely to take offense. The Mobility Today podcast feels like being in a boys' lockerroom and hearing all their saucy jokes. Sure, they can be pretty sexist at times, but their barbs are so damn funny and there is such an underlying good rapport among the guys that even when they are all in total disagreement. I wouldn't say I learn anything from them as I am probably just as up-to-date with the happenings in the mobile world, but I do hear differing opinions on hardware and software.

Now here's why I loathe the msmobiles podcast: Alli (correction: Edward). The first time I gave the podcast a try this guy was actually eating during the show. And not in a subtle manner either- he was talking as he ate, and it sounded awful. The rest of the hosts could well have carried off a pretty good show, but the constant interruptions by Alli with comments that were neither insightful nor helpful caused me to delete the podcast from my queue.

Fastforward to today. I decided to give their podcast another try...and it was just as bad as before. Apparently the female host (Chris?) was in a hotel and was using some makeshift equipment to participate. She was still clear, and could be heard just fine. But I could also hear Alli...who spent a good amount of time bitching and moaning about what laptop, headset, and microphone she was using and why it was sounding 'like crap'. I'd had enough. This time msmobiles got deleted from my queue for good.

Look- do a podcast, banter, whatever. But be sure that it comes across the airwaves the same way it sounds in your head.

ADDED 12/11/08:
It seems that this post is now under a lot of review so to clarify, I had the names wrong. Alli is the name of the female host and Edward is the name of the man I wrote about. The point of the story was that one prominent host ruined, for me, what could have been a pleasant podcast experience. (Alli has commented below that Chris apparently is also on the MobilityToday podcast.) And, as I wrote, this was my experience with just 3 MS Mobiles podcasts.
This entry was written last month, and today the host of MobilityToday, David Ciccone, selected me as the winner of his HTC Diamond giveaway. Thanks Dave, and keep up the great show. And I agree with your co-hosts, you should totally do a show on Christmas eve!

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