Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Knee Deep in Phones!


One of the nice things about having my aunt come to visit is that she is just as tech crazy as I am. Fortunately for her, she does a whole lot of traveling and gets to pick up all kind of phones from different countries under various carriers (O2, Vodaphone, etc). In her goody bag she had a whole bunch of phones, and even though she loves her basic sliderphones, she is lusting heavily after the Xperia X1 to replace her old Sony Ericcson (I forgot the model number). In the mix are a Samsung SGH-J700 (pink), a Samsung E250 (blue), a Treo 700 (my mother's phone), and an LG KS360 (which she ended up giving to me) and my HP 910 which looked like a total beast compared to the rest.

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