Monday, November 17, 2008

The Fuze- The Good, The Bad, and the Muddy

I have been enjoying my new Fuze a lot more than I thought I thought I would-being a slider and all. I suppose years of Treo use have instilled in me the need for a front-facing keyboard. I still miss having that on occasion, dont get me wrong, but to be honest, its actually a relief to be able to enjoy a nice spacious keyboard when I want to sit down and do some texting, writing, etc.
But the thing on the Fuze which does drive me a bit batty is the left and right directional pad. One out of every 6 attempts to navigate left result in my hitting the home key instead...grrr!
The row of symbols on the top of the keyboard is nice- but it will be nicer when I've erased years of making smilies without even looking at what I'm typing under the function button press!
Now that i have everything up and running the way i want, i plan to keep an eye on the battery life- i currently have 3 batteries and a standalone charger which i use to just swap out whenever i need the juice.
The thickness is a tiny price to pay for the compactness of the phone! And the speed is really something. More deets soon....

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