Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fix that Crappy D-pad Navigation on the Fuze

Seems like there's a fix for this after all! Thanks to all who sent this to me!


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via Fuze Site by Chris Leckness on 11/17/08

It's not really a fix, it's more of "getting to know" how to use it properly or is it adjusting common sense to fit it's bizarre behavior?

A Post over at wmpoweruser.com states…

Many HTC Touch Pro users have complained about the HTC Touch Pro D-pad. Up and down works fine, but left, and especially right works pretty poorly, with accidental activation of the surrounding keys very common.

Raises hand, I am one of those many complainers. That's really the only pitfall I am frustrated with now. I've worked out other things that irked me.

They posted this video based on findings at XDA Devs… Such a simple solution… To be honest, I thought it was a separate sensor inside the actual ring.

Disclaimer: After my initial review, I've actually been splitting time between the Fuze and another WM phone. I will not be purchasing my own Fuze. I like it, but not enough to use it daily.

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