Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day One with my AT&T Fuze

Sooooo much to tell you about the drama of getting my Fuze...should I start with the 2 hour long event that involved getting my number changed to a local number, fighting (and failing) to keep my $15 Medianet plan over the $30 Pda Plan, driving home in pitch darkness in the middle of what seemed to be a tropical storm last night....
No. I'll bypass my trials and tribulations and get right into it. Let me start by declaring that the only thing that could get me off this phone is if a QWERTY bar VGA phone came out. That's it- I'm not going back to QVGA ever again. I'm getting used to the slider- it will take some time to come naturally to me.
The size is fantastic. Even the much maligned thickness is no big deal...it feels something like holding a bar of soap. Hey, at least its no Jasjar!


Here it is in line with my Zune 8Gb and iPaq 910:



So far everything seems to be going well, except that there is definitely some habit breaking needed to use my finger for scrolling, etc.

More details as I can drag myself away from my Fuze :)

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