Tuesday, November 4, 2008

AT&T's got me on a short Fuze

As if sensing that our time together is about to come to an end, my HP 910 has decided to really give me a hard time. Without fail, the very moment I attempt to launch an app stored on the card, or show someone photos on my phone, the microsd card suddenly vanishes- never to be seen until the next time I reset my phone. And every 1 out of about 100 times that I turn on my phone, the keyboard is frozen, battery cannot be detected and a reset is needed. And the camera continues to be a joke: I have more snaps of the corner of Seth's retreating rear than I would ever have thought possible.
Now the word on the street seems to be implying that the Fuze won't be out until Black Friday! Seriously, I can't take it! I could accept this Friday, or even next week, but beyond that I am likely to fling this out of a moving car!

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