Friday, November 21, 2008

All that Jive...

Well, its official- Beejive is the biggest battery hog EVER.
Yesterday I conducted some pretty scientific gauging to see how quickly my battery gets depleted. Here's what happened on day 1 running Beejive:

Battery 1
7:00AM 100%
8:44AM 91%
9:46AM 86%
10:47AM 76%
11:47AM 72%
1:31PM 45%
2:57PM 1%

3:00PM 100%
4:50PM 89%
6:11PM 71%
7:00PM 62%
9:14PM 31%

As you can see, I worked my way through almost 2 full batteries in the course of a regular day. I would say my phone gets about 1-2 hours of heavy use at lunch and when I get home at which time I'm watching YouTube, using PockeTwit, texting, and surfing the web.

Here's what happened on Day 2 with the same usage but not running Beejive:

7:00 AM 100%
8:02 AM 97%
9:09 AM 92%
10:15 AM 91%
11:25 AM 79%
12:36 PM 77%
1:22 PM 72%
2:29 PM 69%
3:30 PM 67%
4:30 PM 60%
5:30 PM 54%
6:56 PM 49%
8:30 PM 40%

My first battery gets me through the entire day! In fact, I've got more juice on one battery than I had on my second one on Day 1!

So, the dilemna is whether or not I will continue to use Beejive. At this point, as I've invested in 2 spare batteries and a standalone charger (the whole bundle was under $20 on eBay!) I think I'll continue to use it and just be prepared to swap out a fresh battery as needed.

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