Monday, October 13, 2008

Windows Mobile running on hacked iPhone 3G

Now *this* would spell trouble for the HTC Touch HD if is actually true!


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via PHONE Magazine by Brenda Stokes on 10/13/08

Well this one's different. Erik Kristiansen, a Norwegian developer, claims to have hacked the iPhone 3G in order to run Windows Mobile on the handset. And during a video interview at the MyPhone2008 conference, he showed off the hacked iPhone.

During the video, Kristiansen demonstrates WM6.1 Pro loading up and then shows navigation between different apps like Excel Mobile and the Today homescreen. Though he's calling the hack a beta at the moment, there will be a release for it in January 2009 if all goes to plan. At the moment, we don't know how he has accomplished this hack, but it would be safe to assume a jailbroken iPhone 3G was the starting off point.

This is interesting news for those that like Windows Mobile. However, I'm pretty sure most people that have the iPhone love that OS and the interface and wouldn't dream of "messing it up" with WM6.1. Think this is too crazy to be true? It might be a hoax. The developer may very well be just playing a video demo of WM6.1 on the iPhone and pretending to tap with it.

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