Saturday, October 18, 2008

TMobile G1 Gets 'Meh-ed'

Engadget has posted some their take on the Tmobile G1, the latest android Google phone. For me, the big downer of this phone is its inability to sync with a desktop PC. I'm a huge advocate of offline storage, especially after my network fiasco last year as we prepared to move. But, to those of you who are not deterred- it certainly has a robust set of features....except for the camera, which is CRAPtastic:

Meanwhile, over at Crunchgear, they are less than impressed with its build quality and battery life. Their conclusion:

If you’ve been waiting for Android then I suggest you keep waiting. The overall OS seems to be held together by duct tape and needs a lot of work. Apple focuses on the minute details to enrich the overall experience for iPhone users and Android could learn a lesson or ten from it. The hardware design is dated and while the touch-screen and keyboard are great you can’t just forget about the wretched battery life, horrible GPS and the overall ergonomics of it. I wish the G1 were better in every respect because I don’t think the iPhone is that great, but I find myself wishing it were more like it. It’s the best alternative to the iPhone, but it’s just not there yet.

BoyGeniusReport has also got a few words, in summary:
How in the world could someone perfect the Android experience across that broad range of hardware when even the first unit doesn’t do that? In the meantime, we think the up-and-coming mobile consumer/prosumer will love the G1 as long as they know what it is. It’s not a BlackBerry, it’s not a Sidekick. You could think of it as the adult Sidekick though, and that, my friends, is what people have been waiting for, for a very long time.
Overall, no one seems blown away, and no one seems overtly disappointed. Just another case of...meh.

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