Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Over the Hump

Its been pretty quiet over here for a reason- lots has been happening in my personal life, all of it good I'm glad to say. In general I tend to keep Mobigasmic about all things tech but every now and again I fill you in on my life as a whole. Yes, I do have a journal but I imagine you don't mind hearing what's going on with me every so often!
Its been a relatively trying year up until recently. I had made the decision to return to work after having Seth, but I didn't bank on it being such a closed network over here. I have what I consider to be a pretty good (great, even) resume and after my last position at Columbia University Medical Center/ NY Presbyterian I imagined I would have no problem being swept up in no time. Sadly, not the case: I suppose in the financial situation this country is in everyone is looking for the cheapest way to go, and that 'gal from the big city' just seemed expensive even before salary negotiations. I don't know, but it was a frustrating experience after spending the last few years being wooed from one position to the next all across the Tri-State area.
And speaking of the financial situation, that is probably the most nerve-wracking thing to see and read about while unemployed. Even though I am quite fiscally savvy (before moving to Texas I had saved up for our new home's deposit, furnishings, and 2+ years of bills) it was scary to think of heading into a recession, or even depression on only one income.
On an even more personal note I was feeling really sad that my mother hadn't yet been able to come to the States to see my son. I hadn't seen her in 3 years and it just made me cry to hold up the phone every weekend to him so they could hear each other's voice. So I was mega excited when finally everything got sorted and she and her sister were both able to come in time to celebrate his first birthday (October 23)! Its been a fantastic week and it feels so surreal to see him bonding with my mother- she's even sleeping in his room next to his crib and they spend the mornings reading together before going downstairs.
And while they were here I had an interview and got a job offer as soon as I arrived home! I start on November 3rd and am so psyched to be back in the grind! Seriously, I love what I do. And to be able to work at a community health center is a blessing and then some.
Now I see some slow signs that the economy's tailspin might be getting under control- gas prices are stabilizing, bailout funds are being dispersed, and with the elections around the corner maybe more greatness is to come.
Pretty much the only thing I have to moan about is when the heck AT&T are going to release the Fuze (Touch Pro) already. Thank goodness I didn't waste my upgrade getting that iPhone to sell, huh? See, things are definitely looking up!

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