Saturday, October 25, 2008

Funny fact: Pics of 'brokers with hands on their faces' make great for wallpaper


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I didn't mean to disrespect for those who are in the hardest days of their life, caused by the down turn of U.S. economy. All is started when Lehman Brothers announced their bankruptcy, and then the domino effect took place.

As the whole world is still struggling to get back to where the economy was once, there are plenty of people show different expression when dealing with the inevitable stress. The most easy to see is the expression of the brokers, who deal with the up and down of stocks on the trading floor.

Strangely enough, there's a site now which dedicate itself to post pictures of those poor traders' facial expressions; called "The Brokers with Hands on Their Face Blog."

Found it via Switched, and Tim Stevens who posted it share a little bit of wisdom: "The pictures are humorous for sure and it's hard to stifle a chuckle while scrolling through, but don't laugh too hard -- have you looked at your 401(k) lately?" ;-p

As for me, I have another useful purpose when I collected those pictures. I use them as wallpaper for my Treo, and change them every now and then; so I'll have memorabilia wallpapers of what have happened. I also pasted the good pics together, and use them as one giant wallpaper for my desktop PC.

How about you? Have you found one that you like most? ;-)

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