Sunday, October 12, 2008

Device Indecision


I haven't paid much attention to the whole Touch Diamond hoopla over the past couple of months....something about those touchscreen only devices just doesn't get me going. I hadn't even been that enthused about the Touch Pro until I started to hear rumors that it would be coming to AT&T as the Fuze for a quite reasonable price of $299.
You see, my main interest in the Blackberry Bold was the screen- I just miss a VGA resolution screen, and the idea of getting (half)VGA on a QWERTYbar device sounded delightful. As far as WM smartphones go, the only keyboarded devices in recent memory with VGA are the iMate 9502 and the Jasjar.
Briefly last year I had the AT&T 8525 with the slideout keyboard and found the experience to be ill-timed- Seth was a teeny tiny guy and spent most of his time in my arms being held or breastfed, and I really needed a one handed device. Fast forward to the present, and I am getting a little tired of the tiny screens. I think I probably will be giving this one a whirl...let's see how the pricing goes.

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