Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can't Get Your Hands on a Jasjar?

Here's a creative way to morph your Tilt into a...Lean?


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via Tilt Site by Sdakidd on 10/7/08

I would like to first off introduce myself, my name is Sam Velez. I have something here for all of you brave souls out there… A tilt mod for your screen. I personally haven't done this only because I don't feel like voiding my warranty, (WHICH THIS WILL VOID YOU WARRANTY!!) so for all you brave people who don't care or are out of warranty this is for you!

A while back I cracked my screen and I managed to replaced the screen without voiding my warranty but while I was searching online for a decent set of instructions to guide me through the process I ran across TonyChen from the xda developers forums who provided a guide on how to mod you Kaiser to tilt 90 DEG which I think is just awesome.

SONY DSC                     This makes you phone look even more like a mini laptop, as well as gives you a much better angle to view your screen at. The process involves taking your tilt apart and slightly cutting the part of your phone that connects the keyboard and the screen. Now remember DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! The guide is a PDF and has lots of great pics to help you along. Good Luck!

Here it is! Kaiser Screen Mod

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