Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ask Lulu

Hey lulu,

I know you've been one of the big proponents of this phone - are you still liking it? I've got one on the way and am curious what has and hasn't worked for you. Did you install a new "shell" (pocketplus, pocketbreeze, etc)?
What kind of battery life are you getting these days? I probably talk 90 minutes a day, read a lot of email (maybe respond to 1-2, send a dozen SMS's), and surf the web minimally... Hoping I can make it through the day, though I'm prepared to buy a spare battery and desktop charger.
Thanks in advance!


This one comes from Adam over on HowardForums.

Hi Adam
Well, yes I am still liking my HP 910. Very happy with it in fact. The only gripe that I have is that the camera is quite slow to capture images and once in a blue moon the keys don't work when its turned on. But this is more stability than I've had in any device I've owned in recent memory (Ubiquio, 8525, Blackjack all had their own quirks).
Battery life is not bad. My usage is a bit hard to gauge- My phone gets its heaviest usage early in the day and then at the end of the day. I invested in a spare battery and a battery charger which allows me to swap out to a fresh battery before my evening hub of use. In the evening I make several calls, stream music as we sit out on the deck and occasionally use WiFi to watch the SlingBox as we sit out.
I'm not a big proponent of 'shells'. I prefer the convenience of having plugins easily accessible to me. I also find they tend to slow down a device.
Hope you enjoy your HP as well!

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