Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All Fuze, All the Time....

By now you're familiar with the drill- I get it in my head to get a particular device, and suddenly I can't think of anything but that one item. I've spent every free moment poring over reviews and videos of the HTC Touch Pro...and I have to admit, this could be *the one*.

I have a lot of reasons for wanting this device, and a few for bailing on the HP iPaq 910. One of the big reasons why I was excited to get the iPaq was to have a device that had a whole bunch of accessories to be able to choose from and also forums to be able to discuss with other users. I really missed that interaction during my time with the Ubiquio, and have been saddened to find that things are only marginally more open with my iPaq.
I also am really disappointed with the camera. This is the first time in my life that I have a subject that I love to photograph a million times a day, and the camera is so slow that most of the photos I've taken of my son look like I was trying to catch Usain Bolt as he crossed the finish line!
And I have missed a VGA screen since the days of my Jasjar. That fact alone almost made me desperate enough to dabble in the Blackberry Bold.
I've carefully evaluated the way I use my device and have realized that I would prefer to have more screen real estate over a front-facing keyboard. I also really want to have enough space onscreen to be able to have all my favorite plugins on my todayscreen at a glance.
So, October 23rd, or November 4th , whichever ends up being the release date of the AT&T Fuze, can't come soon enough!

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