Monday, September 15, 2008

My Man and My Ubi

For almost 2 years now my husband has been using the unlocked T-Mobile SDA that I was using way back when. He's been happy with it, and relies only on calling and texting. But in the past few weeks he's had an issue where occasionally when he makes a call, he can't hear anything- even though the person he's calling can hear him. It works when he tries the call the second time, but as you can imagine its very annoying.
Two nights ago he needed to make a call and his phone was charging. I offered him my Ubiquio which I decided to keep as a backup phone. He popped his sim card into it and made his call and declared that he liked the phone. After we established an emergency backup situation (he goes back to the SDA, I take the Ubiquio) we transfered his data to his new Ubiquio and I showed him how to perform his basic functions.
He's been enjoying it tremendously and likes being able to touch the screen. Its also interesting to see that he only loses one battery bar in the whole day, where I go through almost a charge and a half in a single day!

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