Sunday, August 10, 2008

Solved: Why I Hated the New Look of the HP 910

Its been bugging me lately why I so disliked the look of the HP 910 when I first saw the new version released to the FCC. I mean, I look at it now, and think its quite attractive especially coming from the Ubiquio 503g. I looked back at the photo and realized what the problem was:


The image was distorted! The actual device is narrower and longer than it appears in that shot. So it looks very 'squat' and unattractive in the photo. Case solved!

As an aside, one of the major downsides to HP's decision to show the device before settling on a final design is that a google image search yields a ton of the old version, and hardly any of the finished product, even now that so many people have put up reviews, comments, etc on it. 

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