Monday, August 25, 2008

I Can't Do Without: Beejive IM

I'm going to be doing a new series of posts on hardware and software that I use on a daily basis and how it impacts my life. Most of them aren't new, but they have proven themselves over time and have earned a permanent spot in my stable.
Today's focus is BeeJive IM ( which is a beta multi-IM application that is a spin-off of the Blackberry version. This app is still being tweaked and perfected and at the moment it has 2 serious flaws that may put off some users- it is a battery and memory hog.
But for me, I love number of things that I can't get all together in one single place:
-Multiple logons per IM client: So you can sign on to AIM using both your work and play handles.
-Notifications: This is the only IM app that gives me the option to configure it so that my LED flashes when I get a new IM message. I can also set any notification sound I want.
-Pop-up: When I do get a new message, there is a nice preview window that comes up when you select the notification softkey. This means that I don't even have to go into the program to find out if its a message that needs responding to.
-Avatar support: If you like eyecandy as much as I do then you'll understand why this is important. I'm a highly visual person and I really enjoy this feature.
-Chat Logs: Suffer from CRS like me? I can just look thru the logs to see what the last conversations I had were about.

Beejive makes mobile IM a fun experience for me again. And with all its features combined with the wonderful keyboard on my HP 910, its the best communicaion tool I have!

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