Monday, August 11, 2008

GPSToday Uses on Windows Mobile

When I first talked about getting the HP 910 one of the things I hadn't figured out was a practical use for the built-in GPS. I have a Magellan that I use in my car so I have no interest in using my phone's GPS as substitute for that.
I'm generally not a hiking gal (especially not in 100+ degrees of Texas heat) so geocaching is not an immediate interest to me.
Some research led me to a cool app called GPS Today. Its a today screen plugin that can show not just coordinates but your actual street address based on the satellites' info. To me, the best feature is that you can add your current location as a new contact. This is an example of an actual usable feature- I add my favorite restaurants while we're at them, and over the weekend we stumbled upon a nice park and I was able to store the address for future use.
Another cool function is that it can show you a map of where you are as well as nearby contacts' addresses as entered in your phonebook. I just used this to pinpoint where exactly my new dentist's office is!

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