Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vtap Mobile Player- Much more than just YouTube

Lately I've become almost obsessed with finding ways to watch online videos on my PDA. The latest version of Coreplayer has added YouTube capabilities, but its still not the easiest and quickest to navigate to (Coreplayer opens on the player screen and you must navigate to the Youtube screen). 

I've heard about vTap before, and to be honest I tried it once or twice but it never really 'stuck' with me for some reason. Well, that all changed a few days ago when I gave it a proper twirl and dug into the settings screen to optimize some features. The end result- I'm blown away, and haven't even finished exploring all its features.

Screen032  Screen033

vTap isn't just scrubbing YouTube for content; its doing a search for almost all online sources. So, you'll see videos from news sources (like CNBC), other video sites (like DailyMotion) as well as YouTube. I'm still exploring it, but for now as a freeware option, it certainly fits the bill perfectly!

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