Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reasons I Won't be getting another HP 910

My Hp 910 went back and I have to be honest...I'm not getting another one. Even though I loved many things about it, a number of them soured me on the device and I don't think I can get over them. 

-I don't like the perpetually flashing LED.

-Screen cannot be rotated. This is a nuisance for things like SlingPlayer, etc.

-Telescopic stylus. Even for the few days that the HP did work, the stylus was a pain. The grip loosened and the stylus would no longer come out already extended.

-Quirk where the device would not turn on after being charged, or going to sleep.

-Fingerprints galore on the shiny surface.

-Missed my front facing camera- I use it a lot for taking shots of my son and I.

-Skype not working on it. Very annoying.

-WM5 New Menu doesn't work right on SMS- it opens the entire account list because it can't distinguish between MMS and SMS.

-Signal was not great. It dipped to EDGE a number of times where my Ubiquio would stay firmly in 3G.

-USB Headset. Just a nuisance.

The things I will be missing as I return to my Ubiquio:

-Much more memory

-Excellent camera. 

-The GPS I could take or leave. I was really looking forward to using it while on vacation for geotagging photos, etc.

So, I'm back to my UBiQUiO for now. I'm on the fence about the Blackberry Bold- I don't know if I'm  up to abandoning WM, but I'd love to finally see a VGA QWERTY-bar device! Arggh!

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