Friday, July 11, 2008

Overnight Impressions of the HP 910

So, a few more things I noticed since my last post:

-It may be the screenprotector I installed but there is a barely perceptible delay in the time I tap the screen and when it responds with the action. I'm going to try re-calibrating, then removing the screen protector to see if that helps.

-Charging. A weird thing happened last night- I connected the 910 to my standard USB charger (non-HP) before I went to bed at 47%. I woke up this morning and found it had only charged to 67%. Then I installed the 5- 10 pin adaptor that I got for my Ubiquio 503G and noticed that within a few moments it went from 67% to 71%. So, standard  USB chargers may not work.

-Beejive JiveTalk has an annoying quirk. While its running, it causes a delay in the screen turning on. In fact I need to press the call end button for the screen to turn on.  

-The Home page of PIE is pretty- except for the fact that it directs to the full version of the HP corresponding pages:


-There's also a very useful feature called the HP DataConnect- you select your carrier and it automatically installs the correct data and MMS settings. I've got AT&T and it set everything up perfectly in about 2 seconds.

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