Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lessons Learned

So last week we got back from our vacation which was a trip NYC/NJ to visit friends and family, and instead of doing a plain recap of our time there, I present to you- 

"Do's and Don'ts for a Techie New Mom staying with Mom-In-Law"

-Don't comment on the dated OS of your MIL's PC. Seriously, don't do it.

-Do put any of your 'liquids' in the diaper bag. Its suprising how lenient security is to content for the baby. I'm not saying break the law or anything, but if you're like me and the idea of not having at least a bit of water to drink freaks you out, pop a bottle in there.

-Do install Skype on your MIL's PC if you can. Its a nice way for her to be able to see the baby on demand when you get home. 

-Do plan at least one evening to stay at a friend's house. Breaking up the visit makes it easier for everyone.

-Do take the master bedroom if its offered. Especially if there's an adjoining bathroom- that makes the perfect location for a late-night secret rendez-vous with your husband. 

-Don't try to fight when mature foods are pushed onto the baby. But do strike a compromise- "we can give him some of your mashed potatoes, but lets not give him chocolate cake right now"

-Don't rely solely on your pda phone to hold all your info. Always keep a few vital numbers in your husband's phone and vice versa. 

-Do figure out where your baby will be getting bathed. Its a small detail that can be overlooked, especially if you are not a fan of bathing him in the kitchen sink.

-Do cite cultural differences as the reason why you do things differently than the MIL. "Oh, in Africa, all babies use pacifiers! What, you don't do that in America?"

-Do a load of laundry on the day before you leave. If your nerves and patience are shot, its a nice way to have some time to yourself, and its nice to get home with a suitcase full of clean clothes that just need to be put away.

-Do a load of laundry on the day you leave- wash all the towels and sheets you used to ease the cleanup on your host.

-Don't stay longer than a week. 

-Don't assume you'll be in a Wifi, 3G or even EDGE coverage area.

-Don't jump out of bed the moment the baby starts screaming. Let him get really loud, then clearly declare "Oh, that must be because of those mashed potatoes he ate"

-Do bring little baggies to dispose of diapers. Ask beforehand what the diaper disposal gameplan is. 

-Do try and have the most fun you can. And take loads of pictures.


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