Thursday, July 3, 2008

Asus EEE PC First Impressions

asus eee black

I went ahead and picked up an Asus EEE PC which arrived yesterday. The first thing I noticed was how very small it is- I mean, you see pictures and videos but it doen't strike you until you get it in your hands. It reminded me a lot of the HTC Universal (Jasjar). 

The keyboard layout takes some getting used to- I have two modes of typing; full typing with both hands on my PC and HP Laptop and then thumb typing on my smartphone. I've realized I need to develop a third typing mode to accomodate the Asus- I'm working on it. 

The only adjustment I made was to install Opera on it. I'm working to make Opera 9.5 my default browser on my Ubiquio, Laptop, Asus, and eventually my Desktop. I love the synchronization of bookmarks feature across all the platforms. 

My Asus has taken its place on my bedside table, and is a nice option to be able to surf the web without having to lug my laptop upstairs, or go into the study to use my desktop. Its also the perfect size to be able to carry easily while carrying Seth. I'm looking forward to being able to grab my Asus, and the baby and hang out in the backyard over the weekends! 

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