Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to Share a PC (without killing each other)

When Dean and I first lived together it was in a small apartment and we decided to keep his PC which was newer and higher spec'd and sell mine. Sharing one PC was an interesting experience- eventually I created user accounts and we'd switch back and forth.

The interesting thing that I didn't know then is that Dean only browses the internet, and occasionally does up a document or two. Even now on his own PC, he has never installed any applications or made any modifications to anything. 
We've found ourselves in a similar situation now as we share the laptop in the den, but this time I've got a lot more experience with what to do. Instead of wasting time and cpu creating separate user accounts and switching, we just use separate browsers! I use Safari and he uses the Internet Explorer. In our respective browsers we can save our passwords, favorites and home page of our choosing. I highly recommend this solution now that there are a number of different browser options- Opera, FireFox, mention the large ones. 
So, if you find yourself in a position where you need to share a PC with a spouse or someone who has lighter usage, consider grabbing a different browser, especially if you're using Vista which takes an eternity to switch accounts. 

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