Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Caving in to HP


Yesterday news came that the HP 910 was being released at the end of the month. But by the time I went to bed more details had emerged that it was being sold at for the bargain price of $499. For someone used to devices that cost an arm and a leg, this one is not too hard to swallow. 
So, I've decided to get back onto the bandwagon. Mainly, I'm excited about getting a device that actually has accessories, and a company that I know. I had already written off the Velocity Mobile 111 because of the extensive delays and the lack of d-pad and scroll wheel. (And I also suspect that when it is finally released the pricing will have also been revised to be considerably higher).
I looked closely at the comparison shots of the old and new design and realized that the new design incorporates more hard button shortcuts for email and calendar. Not to mention that HP has a 21 day return policy which is more than enough time for me to decide if its right for me! 

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