Saturday, June 28, 2008

Asus EEE PC...Pick It Up or Pass?


I've wanted one of these since Christmas (unfortunately I said it the day after Dean had already shelled out mega bucks for the spa treatment suprise) and now, after trying out the Nokia Internet Tablet series, I am more interested than ever. 
Its inexpensive enough that it doesn't seem quite frivolous for what I want it for (a bedside/backyard companion) and yet powerful enough that I'd actually enjoy using it. We already have a laptop (HP Pavilion dv6000) but its not exactly tote-able. For a while I was looking at the HP MiniNote, but the delivery date is so far out that we'll be away on holiday by the time it gets here. 
I'm on the fence on this one, but its looking more and more like I'll probably be getting one of these soon. Anyone have some experience with it and can share reasons to get or not get it?

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