Monday, June 30, 2008

Another HP910 Video Review

Another video review of the HP 910, this time from

Treo 800W- All the Right Moves but Rubs Me All Wrong


Soooo, this is the new Treo 800W and all I can say is....meh. Its supposedly got WiFi, 320 x320, Windows Mobile 6.1 and has trimmed some of the chub off the Treo 750. Is it just a case of too little too late, or is there something about the model that is particularly off-putting? And its not just about the fact that its on Sprint...I have been known to lust over my share of CDMA devices. But this one- I just want to kick it out of bed.

No sign of the HP 910 Yet

Had a rough night last night with no more than a 3 hour stretch of sleep- between the baby having a sleepless night, and some dolt sending a fax to our home phone it was pretty awful. I checked in this morning on the and the 910 is not available for purchase yet. Well, I'm off to have a nap now...feeling exhausted and really disappointed in HP. 

Sunday, June 29, 2008

HP 910 Video Tour

Here is the only video I've been able to find of the HP 910 in its final iteration. There is a YouTube video of the older version of it, but of course it looks so different now. And to be honest, the more I see it, the hotter it looks....unless that's just my beer goggles talking. Hopefully, the next time you hear from me will be to tell you that I successfully placed my order on!

Start Saving Up NOW for your Xperia X1!


Well, well, well. I don't know exactly what kind of magic they plan to include in the Xperia X1, but it must be something special. Sources show that its being touted in an Austrian electronics newsletter as being sold for 800 Euros...that's $1253.76. Yikes! Start selling off all your belongings now if you plan on picking up one of these!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Asus EEE PC...Pick It Up or Pass?


I've wanted one of these since Christmas (unfortunately I said it the day after Dean had already shelled out mega bucks for the spa treatment suprise) and now, after trying out the Nokia Internet Tablet series, I am more interested than ever. 
Its inexpensive enough that it doesn't seem quite frivolous for what I want it for (a bedside/backyard companion) and yet powerful enough that I'd actually enjoy using it. We already have a laptop (HP Pavilion dv6000) but its not exactly tote-able. For a while I was looking at the HP MiniNote, but the delivery date is so far out that we'll be away on holiday by the time it gets here. 
I'm on the fence on this one, but its looking more and more like I'll probably be getting one of these soon. Anyone have some experience with it and can share reasons to get or not get it?

Windows Mobile Screens for the Non-Techie

VGA, QVGA, Landscape, Portrait- what does it all mean and why should you care? This summer brings a wealth of new devices and you're going to want to have a basic understanding of what you can expect, and I'm going to try to break it down the best I can. 

In the world of Windows Mobile devices, there are 2 'orientations' (or layouts) of the content on your screen- first, and most popularly, there's portrait. Portrait is the long and narrow layout which shows more lines of content on the screen. This means that you can have more plugins on your today screen (because each plugin would occupy a few lines one after the other). You'd also see more list items- for example when looking at your task list, or emails received. 
The second orientation is landscape. This is a wider layout and is shorter, so you get longer lines of text before it wraps to the next line. Also, when watching movies, you won't need to hold your device sideways to watch it in fullscreen mode. 

Media Player in portrait and the landscape orientation

You would think that in this day and age all applications would be developed in a way to adapt to the screen automatically, but unfortunately that is not the case. 

Screen030            Screen031

Here's an example of an application (TunIt Radio) which works well in portrait mode, but cuts off and needs to be scrolled when used on a landscape device.  Some applications won't even run on a landscape device! This is especially vexing since it is possible to manually switch the orientation of your device to be able to run those applications. Of course, you wouldn't keep your device permanently running in the opposite orientation as your keyboard and/or numberpad would be in the wrong place!
The third option here which isn't used very often is the square-screen, which is used by the Treo devices. Personally, I find the square-screen to be the most annoying as its touch and go with which applications will run on it. Also, you don't the benefit of either landscape or portrait. 

Once you've wrapped your head around the layout possibilities then you have to understand the resolution options. The 2 big ones are VGA and QVGA. Without getting too technical, the difference between the two is in the clarity of the screen- VGA will smooth the fonts and images due to a higher resolution than QVGA will. VGA has (typically) 640 by 480 pixels which show crisper details and images. QVGA has (typically) 320 by 240 pixels which show a lower quality of images and details because of fewer pixels. 

QVGA and VGA screens

Ideally, the VGA is the most desirable of the two as it allows you to show more information on the screen because you can have smaller images and text still crisp and readable. However, again we run into the issue of developed applications for VGA, because some developers will simply double-pixelate (or stretch) the application to fill the screen which completely defeats the purpose:

Your lovely crisp screen goes from the above to this:


My best advice when picking a new device is to check with the manufacturer's website of any software that you depend on to see if it will run on the resolution and orientation of your dream machine. Good luck, and happy picking!

Friday, June 27, 2008

CNET-TV Mobile- An App I'd Happily Pay For


I absolutely love CNET and all things related, and one thing that I really enjoy on a daily basis are the podcasts. I also like their CNET TV, and I wish that they would build a mobile CNET-TV app that would play the same content and let you choose videos to watch. I know MobiTV has a CNET channel, but to me its just not worth the $10 monthly subscription to watch a streaming station (granted, they also have other channels, but I really have no interest in them).

Is this something that could be built? Is it something that CNET would ever consider? I sure hope so- and I know it would be a nice revenue source if they ever put it together!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

3 Years and Going Strong

Wow. Have I really been married for 3 years already? Here's a gift from my husband...a stunning watch to replace my old one. Sorry for the crappy image (thanks, Ubiquio).

As I reminsced about my married life, I stumbled on my blog entry that journaled our 'wedding-moon' in the summer of 2005. For those of who weren't reading Mobigasmic back then, here's a link. Those were the days!

WM5 vs WM6 Size


Have you ever wondered how much more resources Windows Mobile 6 uses versus its predecessor Windows Mobile 5? Before I upgraded my Treo 750 to WM6, I jotted down the memory information and then compared it to after. Today I stumbled upon the sheet where I made the notes:

                         Windows Mobile 5              Windows Mobile 6
Total                       65.81MB                                         57.82MB
Used                       2.42MB                                           14.62MB
Free                       63.40MB                                         43.20MB

Total                      49.10MB                                          48.67MB
Used                      16.18MB                                           22.27MB
Free                        32.92MB                                         26.40MB

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mobile Gblogger has some Issues

Giving mobile gblogger a try (again) and it seems to error out but still post 20 copies of each entry. argggg!

Call (Girl) of the Wild


I've always had a curiousity about the darker professions- strippers, hookers, et al. Its not something that I'd be personally interested in persuing, but I wonder about what takes you to it, and what one has to tell themselves to be able to keep doing it. Not judging, just curious.
After reading Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl last year, I gained a bit of perspective about the whole issue. And this year my guilty pleasure is Secret Diary of a Call Girl which has come stateside by way of ShoTime. Its an interesting take on the profession and has a way of drawing me in, kind of the way Big Love makes me look at plural marriage as a natural part of life (at least for the time while I'm watching it).

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

HP 910 Review Roundup


More and more sources have gotten their hands on the HP 910, and here are some of their first impressions:

So far these are looking quite positive! Excitement building!

HP 910 takes on the Treo 750


Its not even a fair comparison, really. But, as you can imagine, I've been scouring the web for any and all information pertaining to the HP 910 and one thing I love is comparison shots. The new look of the latest iPaq is certainly starting to grow on me- something quite sexy about the chrome accents.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Not Exactly Suzie Home-Maker


What do you call a mother who stays home, but who's baby is in daycare? Still a stay-at-home mom, technically? Well, that's my niche right now. I realized that I would slowly go mad if I had to stay at home all day every day. I mean, seriously, I don't really do cooking (more like putting meals together) and I've been meaning to get to the dusting for a few days now.
But one thing that I have got down to a science is caring for our son. Its like a switch just turned on when he was born, and in my typical highly-organized method, I can tell you exactly what he'll be wearing for the rest of the week, I've got his bottle labels ready for the next 2 weeks of daycare, the electric kettle is always hot, and I can make a bottle of formula in about 45 seconds. And all that is for someone I've only known for 8 months!
I absolutely love motherhood, however, I am looking forward to getting a job and going back to work. Because you'd better believe that one of my first expenses when I do is a weekly housecleaning service.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

USA's Population Control


I was watching a story on the news about a group of 17 high school girls who made a 'pregnancy pact' and methodically got themselves impregnated from various sources, including a homeless man. I suppose in the grand scheme of things, what with Jamie Lynn Spears getting pregnant in the public eye in her teens, and Jessica Alba et al minimizing the need for matrimony before conception, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. 
Financially, maybe these girls are on to something. The US has the worst maternity leave policy in the western world (I mean, even Ethiopia, the country of the famed famine, has more paid time off!) If the workforce is so unforgiving to new mothers, perhaps the time to have a baby is before entering it. No, of course, this isn't right. But maybe its time for America to take a look at the impact 6 paltry weeks is having on its working populace- the people who could actually afford to have children, often can't comfortably take time off from work. I was fortunate enough to be able to stop working for my entire pregnancy, but a lot of women don't have that luxury. It just seems in poor form that women who are responsible enough to have a job and be pregnant are allotted such a tiny window of time to recover and care for their child. 

Friday, June 20, 2008

Attention Brad and Angelina!!!!


Kids are not collector's items! 

I was marginally impressed with the duo's adoption of the first couple of children, but now I'm getting a bit irritated. Yes, these children may be in a difficult/underprivileged position- but collecting them by the bundle is a sure-fire way to cause problems in the development of not only the adopted kids, but their biological ones as well. 

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hp 910- Good News, Bad News


More photos have surfaced on the web of the HP iPaq 910 and I've noticed somethings I didn't catch earlier. The good news is that the reset button is right on top meaning that I won't have to be prying the battery cover off to do a reset...I don't care how 'stable' a device is- I use enough 3rd party applications and beta software that I need to be able to soft reset without a whole to-d0. 
The 'bad' news is the placement of the USB port. First of all, its on the side and not on the bottom. This means that its not going to be easy to find an elegant cradle or dock for it. And another minor irritation is that HP has gone the HTC route and made the headset a USB one. So you won't be able to charge the device and listen to music at the same time. I picked up a Motorola S9 Bluetooth headset on eBay (although I suspect the one I got is a fake- more on that another time) so I intend to go Bluetooth only on this one.  
I'm not soured on the HP at all...its just good to know all the pros and cons before going into it. 

How to Share a PC (without killing each other)

When Dean and I first lived together it was in a small apartment and we decided to keep his PC which was newer and higher spec'd and sell mine. Sharing one PC was an interesting experience- eventually I created user accounts and we'd switch back and forth.

The interesting thing that I didn't know then is that Dean only browses the internet, and occasionally does up a document or two. Even now on his own PC, he has never installed any applications or made any modifications to anything. 
We've found ourselves in a similar situation now as we share the laptop in the den, but this time I've got a lot more experience with what to do. Instead of wasting time and cpu creating separate user accounts and switching, we just use separate browsers! I use Safari and he uses the Internet Explorer. In our respective browsers we can save our passwords, favorites and home page of our choosing. I highly recommend this solution now that there are a number of different browser options- Opera, FireFox, mention the large ones. 
So, if you find yourself in a position where you need to share a PC with a spouse or someone who has lighter usage, consider grabbing a different browser, especially if you're using Vista which takes an eternity to switch accounts. 

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yahoo!Go Demo

Here's a brief spin-through of Yahoo Go that I've put together. Its showing the 2 widgets that I really use- Flickr and FriendFeed.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Samsing i900 Interface Demo

There's another video released showing one of the latest Windows Mobile Touchscreen-only phones, the Samsung SGH-i900. This one seems to have a speed advantage over the HTC Touch Diamond, which has publicly been derided for its laggy TouchFlo3D UI. 

Friday, June 13, 2008

OctroVideo...another Video Streaming Site *not* for Windows Mobile


I got all excited about the Octro Video until I saw that its only for Symbian S60. *Sigh* When will there be a streaming application for Windows Mobile devices? Hopefully one comes along by the time I get my iPaq with its high(er) quality video capability!

Missed out on the K-Jar?

Seems I missed out on this one...erm, that's okay. There's a cancelled model K-Jar available on eBay if you're interested. Not that you would be. Seriously, its pretty fugly.



More shots of the HP 910

As is my habit, this will probably turn into the "all HP910, all the time" station as I eagerly await June 30th. For now, BrightHand has a brief first impression up on their site and I was excited to hear them refer to the camera as "a 3-megapixel camera that performs a little more like a budget digital camera rather than a crumby cellphone camera". Now that's a welcome change! They've also got some impressive shots of the device, and I must admit, I'm starting to warm up to the look. 



3G Monitoring

I live in an area that is heavily covered by 3G by AT&T, and with the launch of the iPhone 3G I'm curious about the impact it will have on the speed of my data. I've decided to conduct my own test: for 3 days, I'm going to test the speed using dslreports- at 9am, 3pm, and 9pm. I'll do it for 3 days before the launch of the 3G iPhone, then again a few days after the release. As a follow-up, I'll do the test again after a few weeks (or maybe months) when even more people have adopted it.

The point is to see if the new 3G iphone garners enough customers to significantly impact the speeds in my neighborhood.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Excuse Me, Please!

Sorry about all the curious posts that have popped up and disappeared throughout the day. I've been trying to get Disqus integrated into our space here. And no sooner had I posted a gloating post about how it was done than I found out that it was actually not working properly. I suspect I may have gotten in right now, but I'll give it a day to see how it goes before I go into full details. In the meantime, thanks for your patience- much appreciated!

Facebook for Palm....Windows Mobile Users Weep


So even though Windows Mobile users have been dying for a cool Facebook application along the lines of the one for Blackberry, it seems Palm has got one instead. Well, I must admit, its nice to see that great new applications are still being developed for Palm. Get your Facebook for Palm here if you're one of the lucky ones!

The Downside of the Waiting Game

Photobucket  Hard-core gadget lovers have one thing in common; at some point you will wait. Whether its waiting a month for the 3G iPhone to be available in stores, or waiting nearly a year for the Sony Xperia to be released we have come to accept it as a part of our lives. 

The problem with waiting today is that it only takes a window of a few days or weeks for new technology to be developed which would make the pending device almost antiquated before its even in the public's hand. Look at the Sony Xperia for example- when we first heard about this device it was big news because of the screen resolution, the interface, the sliding arc. We still have 3 months to go before it sees the light of day and the public is already getting bored with it! The interface that seemed so impressive 3 months ago now seems dated when adjacent to the likes of the widget-based Samsung i900:

Photobucket         Photobucket

Even the much awaited iPhone 3G ended up being a big snorefest, overshadowed by the likes of the Blackberry Bold and Samsung Instinct. Suddenly the old adage of a thing being worth the wait no longer applies- instead that waiting period is a prime window for someone else to steal your rumored thunder. Newcomer Velocity Mobile has already sullied their unknown name with a delay to the release of their flagship device, the 103. And the Palm 800 has been upstaged by its own little brother, the 850, seen in spyshots!
Manufacturers need to make a choice- either hold your blueprints closer to your vest until your release date nears, or set a date of reasonable proximity and stick fastidiously to it. The days of having us patiently waiting for what ends up being a mediocre step up are long over...we want innovation, and we want it NOW. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blackberry Bold vs Iphone 3G

Crackberry has put together a handy comparison chart to help you decide which of these summer blockbusters is for you:


Caving in to HP


Yesterday news came that the HP 910 was being released at the end of the month. But by the time I went to bed more details had emerged that it was being sold at for the bargain price of $499. For someone used to devices that cost an arm and a leg, this one is not too hard to swallow. 
So, I've decided to get back onto the bandwagon. Mainly, I'm excited about getting a device that actually has accessories, and a company that I know. I had already written off the Velocity Mobile 111 because of the extensive delays and the lack of d-pad and scroll wheel. (And I also suspect that when it is finally released the pricing will have also been revised to be considerably higher).
I looked closely at the comparison shots of the old and new design and realized that the new design incorporates more hard button shortcuts for email and calendar. Not to mention that HP has a 21 day return policy which is more than enough time for me to decide if its right for me! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

HP Ipaq 900 Coming June 30

If you've been waiting for the HP Ipaq 900 to be released, then your wait is about to come to an end. The one's going to be released on June 30th (waaaaaay ahead of the 3G iPhone, thank you very much!). No word officially on pricing, but my guess is in the neighborhood of $800.  More info on HP  (note:pdf link!)


Preview Video Thumbnail-Just Makes Sense

One of my favorite features of my Archos 605 wifi is that it 'plays' the thumbnail of video as you scroll through the list. I love this because I can tell if its a video I've already seen if I can't tell from its title. I thought this feature was available in Vista, but I can't remember how or if that is so. 

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Love that Todayscreen

Here's something I missed sorely during my brief time with the Treo 750...eyecandy home screen. I've got just a few plugins running this time, but its everything I need-perfect combination of the Palm launcher screen and the Blackberry information. *sigh* its good to be home! Love my UBi :)

Goodnight all!

Could This be Tommorow's Announcement?


Courtesy of Wired.

World of WifeCraft

As long as this isn't followed by SecondWife I'm okay with it!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

IChat on the Iphone2?

iphone 2, originally uploaded by momentimedia.

These photos have been making the rounds on the web, supposedly shots of the 3G iPhone to be announced on Monday...I don't know if thats true or not, but it would be pretty hot for it to be available in Red. Picture having the Red iPhone and the new Dell mini-laptop!
It also will allegedly have a forward facing camera to enable iChat- if this is true, the I would love to see what WM developers put together as a competitor! Maybe finally Skpe video calling on WM devices?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crazy Girl on a Train

Both scary and funny....this reminds me of the type of shenanigans I used to encounter on the subway everyday on the way to work when we lived in New York. Glad to not have to deal with it anymore.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Techie SoulMate!

Let me start of by saying that I am very happily married. And one of the things that makes my marriage work is that we are interested in different things- his hobby is cars and car tech and mine is...well, we all know what mine is. However, I was doing some research on the Imate 9502 and stumbled onto Trent's blog, Trent's Sense. Reading through his blog I felt such a sense of deja-vu---he falls in love with the idea of a device, gets it, and then...gets bored.

I can't help it, and apparently neither can Trent. Somehow the anticipation of the device builds it up into much more than it actually is. It's great to know I'm not alone in this vicious cycle :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Social Networking...Maybe too much of a good thing?

This year more than ever before I really made an attempt to jump on the social networking bandwagon...and now I'm screaming to be let off. I can't keep up with the dozens of programs and sites that all offer a unique spin on the same old thing. And the aggregators! Enough already! I can't do it, and I don't even have a job at the moment!

So, I am going to simplify my life, which is the purpose of this whole thing in the first place, right? Twitter, which is where it all began, is the staple of most of my communications and will continue to be my main microblogger. YouTube is of course a staple for my videos. Flickr is where I store my photos. And Del.ici.ous is what I use to bookmark sites and stories that I find interesting- especially using the plugin for Pocket Internet Explorer; thats how I mark stories to read later on my PC. And finally, FriendFeed to pull it all together in one place so I can see everything at a glance. FriendFeed finally has a nice mobile website, and I am fairly confident that someone will soon put together a nice application for Windows Mobile too.

Beyond that, I'm going to pretty much ignore everything else. Because if the purpose of all these things is to enrich our lives, then we have to find the happy balance between being enriched versus being overstuffed.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The UBiQUiO 503G Lives!

UBIQUIO 503g, originally uploaded by djmac20.

Ok, I have no idea where this photo was taken, but it was recently uploaded on Flickr and clearly shows the Ubiquio 503G on a shelf somewhere in these United States! The price is much higher than it is on Expansys, but still- how exciting to it all out on display!

Vollee-SecondLife for Phones: First Impressions


So, its finally here! Vollee is a new program that brings SecondLife to your mobile phone. Its a java app, and should be able to run on a whole lot more phones than the ones they list. I downloaded the version for the AT&T Tilt and had no problem running it on my Ubiquio 503G. As you can see, its quite small but on the upside everything runs very quickly using my 3G connection, and is positively blazing when I use WiFi. Like the Opera Mini app, it allows you to select an option to never need to ask for permission to connect to the internet after the first connection request.

As you can see, all of the menus have been formatted for the small screen. I have not been able to find a way to interact with any objects in-world. I can't look at anyone's profile except for my friends and here's what that looks like:


It works pretty well. You can search for events and teleport like you can in-world. Details of events are again formatted for your screen:


First impressions- its pretty awesome. Not perfect by any means, but a great way to be able to pop in and say hello to a few friends. Don't expect to be running your SecondLife empire from Vollee just yet, but maybe in the future you just might be able to!

Volle for SecondLife is Live!

Just got an email inviting me to download Vollee (SecondLife on your phone)! Will try it out and post a full review later!